Follow Your Heart & Take Your Brain With You

Welcome to the world of HeartSmarts!

You are probably here because you want to understand how and why to follow your heart, yes?
Or because your mind is tricking you into doing things that do not really resonate with what you really want in life? Or you just feel a disconnect between your heart and mind?

Well, you are at the right place.

HeartSmart, the concept that puzzles, stretches and challenges most of us every day is about understanding how we can follow our heart that is full of wisdom while we take our brilliant brain with us.

It is creating a life that is ours, firmly set in our most important values, passions and dreams for what we want for ourselves and for those we love. When you claim for yourself, you lead those you love.
It is about understanding the mental blocks that silence our heart over and over again. Your mind, that fascinating organ, is one of the most powerful assets in executing your dreams…

…and …

I am on a mission to bring clarity, simplicity and heart-driven solutions to your life and the world.

Susan Cain talks about the secret power of the introvert.

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